Large urban projects


Big projects

A solution specially designed for urban projects that are developed in various phases involving urbanization works, roads, unique constructions, etc.

Main benefits

This new disruptive concept in the real estate sector achieves above all an important promotion in sales through various elements that enhance each other.

Increase in sales

The main benefit of our Virtual Visits system together with our exclusive Management / CRM Software is the remarkable increase in sales.


Attainment of clients at an international level both due to the capabilities of the Virtual Visit and our specific Marketing solutions.

COVID support

Compatible with all types of telecommuting options.
Sell by reducing the need for physical contact and taking a step forward in the face of the unexpected.

To your measure

We adapt to your specific needs, being able to make global integrations of our system for all the promotions of your company.


We try to answer here the main questions that our clients have raised but in any case do not hesitate to contact us and ask us any question you consider.

- Plans in autocad format
- Basic project / execution
- Quality memories

In general, any content already developed by the technical team can streamline the work by knowing better the details to be contemplated.

It is a multi-phase process that is carried out in coordination with your technical team.

- Analysis of the materials provided

- Coordination of the design / decoration / quality memory line

- Delivery of a preview for validation

- The revisions that may be necessary on the same

- Project delivery

In parallel, in order to reduce time, work is done on the rest of the elements such as the promotion website, the parameterization of Management Software / CRM, etc.

Because an image is worth a thousand words, we invite you to review our demo and discover how the quality is of the highest level. Every day we innovate to also incorporate any best technically possible.

Generally yes. For this we need to take a series of photographs with special equipment and depending on the circumstances of the terrain it may be necessary to take them with a drone.

The only limitation in this regard would be that for legal reasons these images cannot be taken.

Usually, for housing developments of a certain size, only the standard housing is usually made.

Additionally, on certain occasions, variants are also made with decorative styles or different finishes.

In any case, the interactive availability maps make it possible to link each of the homes with the most appropriate virtual visits.

We have created a very efficient system that allows us to work on all processes simultaneously. We also have high-capacity equipment so that redendings are extraordinarily fast.

Although we must analyze each case in detail, we have average times of about 15 days until the first preview is delivered.

Shall we talk about your project?

We want to meet you, talk about your project and tell you everything we can do for your company.