Real Estate Marketing

A new concept


We have developed a comprehensive system that unites the experience of virtual vivistas all the power of Digital Marketing .


Accurate monitoring of commercial actions that allow you to optimize the sales process

Sale promotion

Increase in the number of leads and their quality while increasing the advertising diffusion.

Business intelligence

We offer you tools that made it easier for you to plan strategies based on analysis.


We try to answer here the main questions that our clients have raised but in any case do not hesitate to contact us and ask us any question you consider.

Inbound marketing is a strategy that is based on attracting potential clients with especially attractive content (virtual visits in this case) and transforming it into a client through a process specially adapted to the real estate sector.

The different phases of this process constitute the so-called conversion funnel that will adapt to your company defining specific stages that allow you to measure at all times the effectiveness of your sales team and the evolution of the fulfillment of sales objectives. < / b>

In general, 5 stages are distinguished:

  • Acquisition of visits to the web that we will carry out for its promotion.
  • Activation , which is the process that takes place during the virtual visit experience.
  • Retention , making the visitor become a lead and even attract others by prescription.
  • Sale , which is the process that your sales team must carry out and that we will control with every level of detail along with the information of the entire process described from our exclusive Management / CRM Software .
  • Reference </ strong>, by which a satisfied buyer shares his experience of company and shows the property that he has acquired to his acquaintances. </ li>

Inbound Marketing / Agile Sales is constituted as the highest performance sales operating methodology in this new global world marked by very different forms of interaction.

Most of the available software has not evolved and is no more than an advanced agenda.

Our software specially designed for this process can effectively control each of the highlights in the entire process, including each of the commercial actions of your sales team. From the moment the client accesses the virtual visit until the sale takes place.

One of the main advantages and uses of information and communication technologies is the ability to collect and process data as a basic pillar for decision-making.

Virtual visits in this sense is not only a shopping experience that can differentiate you from the competition but a source of the highest value as part of the digital transformation process.

What type of housing is more attractive?

What advertising is effective?

Which buyer profile shows the most interest?

Is my sales team effective?

Is the rhythm of sales adequate?

What are the main factors that do not make sales prosper?

Is my digital marketing properly focused?

Not too long ago the client's purchase process began by approaching various real estate agencies in the nearby environment to see the properties in the portfolio or for an agent to help us in the process.

Now something similar happens at the click of a button, changing the local search experience for the most popular real estate portals. And precisely, in this change the promoter has a much more complicated role, especially if it sells off-plan.

We are not the best properties, nor the most relevant ones that the client ends up visiting, but rather, in an auction process, the one that pays the most for advertising.

Most of this is totally sterile, the speed of clicks, increasingly similar to that of reading tweets, makes a customer dedicate a few seconds to the interaction.

... Maybe it's the cover photo? Maybe the price? Don't you like the common areas? ... surely paying a little more will increase the visits ...

Is the process familiar?

With our sales system the interest grows, the experience makes the client think about one of the advantages of their property and even if they decide not to buy, they can turn them into a prescriber for their relatives.

Each visit, each interaction, each contact, is measured, quantified and given the most detailed follow-up so that it becomes part of the business intelligence that helps you improve each phase of the sales process.